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Dying Declaration

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Diplomatic Relations (Indo-Pak relations)

Diplomatic Relations (Indo-Pak relations)

This post comes in light of deteriorating diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan. Both have dismissed multiple members on one another’s diplomatic missions in their countries. Even though it seems to be more of a tit for tat diplomacy, this could result in great harm to diplomatic relations between the two countries. This is not […]

Debate over the Uniform Civil Code

The issue of UCC has popped up again in the public domain. Things are certainly different from how they looked in 1986. There is a Hindu right government in the centre, women’s rights movements have become more powerful and there is a general consensus to address archaic medieval practices like triple talaq. On the other […]

No sex to husband may result in divorce!

No sex to husband may result in divorce!

  The husband had challenged a trial court order of March dismissing his divorce petition in Delhi High Court. Trial court had dismissed his petition on the ground that the instances of cruelty pleaded and proved by him did not satisfy the standard of cruelty as per the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. […]

WhatsApp change in privacy policy

WhatsApp change in privacy policy

        WhatsApp recently changed its privacy policy. This change comes two years after WhatsApp was bought over by social media giant in a $ 19 Billion deal. Interestingly WhatsApp claims to store none of your messages or any other personal particulars. However,  as per the media releases of Facebook, it appears that […]

Cauvery water dispute

Cauvery water dispute

  The Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal (CWDT) was constituted by the Government of India on 2nd June 1990 to adjudicate the water dispute regarding inter-state river Cauvery and the river valley thereof. The Tribunal had also passed an Interim Order in June, 1991 and further Clarificatory Orders on the Interim Order in April, 1992 and […]



A statement by a person who is conscious and knows that death is imminent concerning what he or she believes to be the cause or circumstances of death that can be introduced into evidence during a trial in certain cases.


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