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Methods of torture employed by the Indian police forces

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Cauvery water dispute

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Read some more excerpts of similar instances reported by various news media channels below:

“On the night of Nov. 29-30, I was driven to the Lingapur police camp nearby … here I was questioned by 15 police officers … One of whom trod on my hands with hobnailed boots while the others kept beating me from all sides …then I was forced to ‘eat a Hyderabadi goli …it consisted of a lathi the size of a man’s arm and liberally plastered with chilly powder …I was stripped naked and the lathi pushed slowly up my anus …I remained unconscious for 8 hours …I was taken to the Lakshatipet lock-up where one of my hands was tied to the cell window … I was forced to remain in this position neither able to sit nor sleep properly for fifteen days….”

– Hirman Laxman Pagar, suspected 21-year-old Naxalite arrested on Nov. 4, 1976 by the Andhra Pradesh Police.

“Some women prisoners taken to the Lal Bazaar police station in Calcutta … were stripped naked, burned on all parts of the body and in some cases iron rulers were inserted into the vagina and rectum … there are also allegations that a women suspect was subjected to continuous raping by hardened criminals on the specific orders of the police inside the interrogation room.”
– Allegations contained in a report compiled by the Akhil Banga Manila Samiti – a non-political voluntary organization.

“In India, claims of torture used against political prisoners have steadily increased since Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of Emergency 13 months ago. The New York-based International League of Human Rights charged last June that Indian jailers have been guilty of ‘torture, brutality, starvation and other mistreatment of prisoners’ …”
Time magazine, August 16th, 1976 which was banned in India.

“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.”
– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Courtesy: India Today

~ Project Legal Renaissance


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